Bully who hit boy, 6, in face says he’s happy with apology

The man who allegedly punched and choked a 6-year-old boy and threw him to the ground has admitted that he was acting out of frustration and anger over being told by his family he wasn’t doing enough to support the family of his own child.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Associated Press on Monday that he has been in therapy since the incident in March that left him with permanent brain damage.

He said he never expected to be arrested in the case, but that the police report indicated he was under investigation.

He says he has no criminal history and that he will file a lawsuit against the boy’s family.

Police say a family member who lives near the home where the incident occurred reported to the police that the man was throwing objects at his son.

When officers arrived, the man jumped up, threw an object at officers and said, “Get the f— out of here, it’s a crime.”

Police said the man did not resist arrest, and that a search of his car turned up a number of knives, which officers later used to strike the boy with.

A medical examiner has determined the boy suffered a traumatic brain injury.

He is now in a coma and is receiving dialysis.