How to kill a mouse in one hit

The most popular mechanics in StarCraft II can be done with a single click, and it only takes a few seconds to do it.

But it is a simple but powerful mechanic that can be exploited to devastating effect.

The mechanics are pretty straightforward, but when I tried to learn how to do this in the game, it took me over 10 minutes to learn.

I thought I would try it myself, and after watching a couple of videos, I was able to do the trick.

The mechanics in this video are very simple.

First, let’s talk about the most common mechanics in the StarCraft II game.

The most important ones to understand are the TvT and TvZ.

The TvTL is a basic build order, and the TvP is the game’s more complex version of a build order.

The TvP consists of a standard build, but there are certain things that must be done.

First of all, the Terran must get the first two Command Centers.

The Terran must attack his opponent’s third base.

Finally, the Protoss must defend his third base, which must be attacked from the Terran’s third.

Here is an example of a TvP.

This build order can be broken down into several parts.

The third base must be defended.

This unit must be destroyed.

The Zerg must get his third.

Finally the Terran gets a fourth base.

It is worth noting that the Terran cannot attack his third or fourth bases at the same time.

In the TVT, the fourth base is not defended until after the Protoss has been defeated.

The build order is broken down like this:The Protoss must get at least two Command Centers, the first one being the third base defense.

The second Command Center must be placed in the center of the Protoss’ third base and the fourth Base must be protected.

The Protoss must also get a third base at the very least, preferably at the center.

The fourth Base is a Protoss main base, while the Protoss should not have a third in his main base.

The next Command Center will be the fourth Gate in the Protoss base.

This will be a Protoss natural expansion.

The Zerg must have a fifth base.

He should have a fourth Base near his natural expansion, preferably a Protoss base near his third expansion.

The fifth Base is the Protoss natural Expansion, and should be defended from the Protoss’s third expansion by a Protoss.

The final Command Center is the fourth Command Center in the Terran base.

In the TZ, the Zerg must be at least five Command Centers and must be protecting his fourth Base.

The first Command Center should be at the Protoss expansion.

This is the third Base defense.

Once the Protoss Protoss has defeated the Zerg, the third Command Center can be placed on the Protoss main expansion, and all three Command Centers will defend the Protoss third base against any attacks.

The four Command Centers at the Zerg base must also be defending their bases.

The final Command Centers are at the top of the Zerg’s ramp, and they are protecting the Protoss bases from any attacks that come.

This ramp is at the right of the ramp to the Protoss fourth base, and is also defended by a ramp to his third, so the ramp should be easy to defend.

Finally, the final Command Centres are in the Zerg main base and should defend the Zerg Protoss’ fourth base from any Protoss attacks.

Once Protoss has destroyed the Zergs main base from an attack, the ramp must be immediately destroyed.

The simplest way to learn this build order would be to go into the replay and watch the Protoss player attack the Zerg.

If you can find a Protoss player who is able to attack the Protoss in the replay, you will have a good idea how to counter the build order and counter the Protoss.

However, there is a way to find Protoss players who can’t attack the Terran.

This method can be achieved through a couple different methods.

The easiest way is to go to the replay of the game and watch Terran attack the other player.

There is no other way.

This replay will show the Protoss attacking the Terran, and you will see that the Zerg and Protoss are not fighting.

The only way the replay can be seen is if Terran is playing an entirely different build than the replay.

It’s actually a bit tricky to do, but if you can follow this method, you should be able to identify the correct build and counter it.

Now that you know the basics of how to build this build in StarCraft 2, I will go through the other parts of the build that you need to know.

The goal of this video is to get you started.

The following video is a walkthrough of how I did it.

This video will give you an idea of what to do if you want to learn the build from start to finish.

The easiest way to see how the build works is to replay the game from the start.

In this video, you can watch how I built the Zerg first base, followed by my Zerg second base and finally my Zerg