Which US-made mechanical keyboard is best?

A recent article on Hacker News has suggested that the American mechanical keyboard market is going through a resurgence, with the US’s big three brands all showing signs of re-entering the market.

The article cites a survey conducted by a German software company that was released last week, which indicates that sales of American mechanical keyboards are up almost 2.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2017, as compared to the same quarter last year.

“As mentioned in the survey, mechanical keyboards now account for over 25 per cent of the US market,” it said, adding that the average sales price of a mechanical keyboard in the US is around $499, compared to $389 for a comparable keyboard from China.

“This is a good sign for the future of the industry, as companies have learned to price their products in a way that is more appealing to consumers, who are more likely to spend on premium features like keycaps,” the article says.

“While we will continue to see growth in the market, we are likely to see continued price decreases over time.”

The article goes on to mention that the US-manufactured mechanical keyboards have seen some improvements in terms of the size and build quality of their switches, but there are still a number of issues that have kept some users away from the brand.

“We are seeing a lot of companies and brands offering the same product at a much lower price point,” it continued.

“As a result, the American market is seeing a significant drop in sales and sales are also declining for many manufacturers.”

“If you are looking for a mechanical mechanical keyboard that is affordable, it is not cheap to get into the US.”

“Many manufacturers are now offering keyboards at a cheaper price point.”

It concludes by warning that if you are thinking of getting into the American-made market, you might want to look elsewhere.

“If your budget is tight, consider a mechanical keycap replacement service from an online service like MechanicalKeyboard.com.”

Many companies are now making mechanical keyboards that are affordable to buy, and many companies are also offering the option of making keyboards at cheaper prices than before.

“The article also offers advice on how to find the right mechanical keyboard for you, including buying a brand new mechanical keyboard to keep, which will allow you to try out the brand before buying a second keyboard.

The full article can be found below:The best American mechanical keycaps for 2017: