How to decarboxy your boat mechanic

When you’ve spent thousands of hours building and maintaining a boat, you may not have the knowledge to operate the machine properly.

Now, a new company is trying to help you get the most out of your tools and make them a lot easier to operate.

Decarboxylex, a San Diego-based company, says it has developed a method to help build your boat more safely, while simultaneously improving its mechanical functionality.

Decorating your boat with custom decar boxes is a simple process, but a simple task can be challenging, and many people simply don’t know how to do it properly.

That’s why Decarboxyles is offering a tutorial video and a series of online exercises to help get you up to speed on how to properly build and repair your boat.

“Decarboxes are an extremely simple and inexpensive process to build a boat,” said Marisa Alves, CEO of Decarboxes.

“Our videos will walk you through the entire process of designing and building your own custom box, from designing and assembling the box to installing it on your boat.”

Alves said she has seen a spike in the number of people wanting to get into boat maintenance over the past few years.

“With the advent of the DIY movement, the need for boats to be more accessible to the public has grown, and we are seeing an increase in interest in boats being repaired by professionals,” she said.

“We see a huge increase in people who want to have a little bit of fun repairing their boat, rather than taking it to the mechanic.”

As with all parts of a boat’s construction, the first step is to choose a decar box.

The box must have a diameter of at least 12 inches and must have two slots for holes, and a minimum of four holes per box.

“The biggest challenge is choosing the correct dimensions,” said Alves.

“If you’re looking to have your boat professionally installed, we suggest choosing a smaller box than you’re comfortable with.”

To assemble a box, you’ll need to use a hammer and an auger to cut the box out of plastic and place it on the deck.

You can choose a metal or steel box, and some people prefer a wood box over a plastic one.

Alves recommends buying an 8-by-10-inch box and an 8 by 10-inch extension.

Once the box is assembled, the only thing left to do is to drill the holes and put the box on the boat.

You’ll then have to place the auger on top of the box so it fits into the slot.

“When you have your box, we recommend putting it in the garage,” said DecarBoxylex’s Alves said.

“You can then get your boat ready to go by installing your box on it and drilling a hole through it.”

Alives said the company will continue to update the product with new and improved products and services, but she added that the video tutorial is a great way to learn about the process.

“It’s a great educational resource,” she explained.

“People can watch the video and learn from others who have done it before.”