Why the UK’s ‘mechanical jobs’ will make the US ‘worse’

Mechanical jobs are being created in a number of US states as part of a bid to cut down on the US unemployment rate, which currently stands at 7.6%Source: Business Insider / Alamy 3 of 3 UK job seekers pose with a computer after the job posting for the new mechanical jobs website Mechanical Job.com, in the West Midlands, England.

4 of 3 Mechanical Job UK website Mechanical Jobs, which is aiming to create over 300,000 new mechanical job postings a year, was launched in the UK on Tuesday.

It aims to provide an alternative to job hunting websites like JobSketch, which has been criticised for making job postings look like advertisements for jobs.

Users can apply online for positions ranging from janitorial workers to robotic helpers.

A user can also upload photos of their qualifications and job skills to the website.

But unlike some other job seekers, Mechanical Job users don’t need to have any specific skills or qualifications.

They simply need a “good knowledge of mechanical engineering”, for example.

The job postings are also posted in English and French, and they are available to anyone over the age of 18.

The company says the job postings will take at least a week to create and are being run on the Mechanical Jobs platform, which will be launched in England and Wales later this year.

It also has a new site in Germany.

It will take several weeks to set up the site in the US.

The site will not be able to meet the needs of US employers.

“We want to build a sustainable business model that can deliver sustainable job creation,” Mechanical Jobs CEO Tim Dyer told Business Insider in an interview.

He added that the site will be “better than [Amazon] Mechanical, which does very well” because Mechanical Jobs will offer “an easy way to find jobs”.

While the job opportunities are not limited to just those employed by Mechanical Jobs UK, the company said it will also be looking for a “significant number of mechanical jobs”.

For example, Mechanical Jobs is looking for mechanical engineers, robotic designers and industrial designers.

“The majority of mechanical work is now performed by robots and they’re getting bigger and bigger and better and better, and it’s a question of finding jobs for the people that can do the job,” Dyer said.

The US has been plagued by a string of job cuts.

In December, the US Department of Labor announced it was cutting nearly 800,000 jobs.

But the US government has been taking a hard line in trying to reduce the US’s unemployment rate.

President Donald Trump has proposed reducing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, cut back on tax deductions and eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a tax credit that gives low-wage workers more money to spend on goods and services.

Meanwhile, US Senator Bernie Sanders has said that his “top priority” is to increase the number of jobs available to Americans.