How Mercedes-Benz has made a big comeback

Mercedes-Benzes first car, the E63 AMG, debuted in the U.S. in 2015.

In 2017, the company’s second car, a convertible called the E350 AMG convertible, debuted.

In 2018, the new Mercedes-AMG GLC sedan debuted.

The company has been on a roll, and sales have been booming.

But in 2018, Mercedes-amgs chief executive, Herbert Diess, said that it had lost its mojo. 

The company says that a number of factors, including the introduction of autonomous driving technology, are responsible for the decline. 

But Mercedes-benzes latest sales figures show that the company is still very much alive. 

“We believe that the best way to increase our long-term profitability is to continue to make cars that are built and sold in a way that reflects the needs and expectations of customers, which in turn will lead to better and more successful business performance,” Diess said. 

So, Mercedes has reengineered itself. 

They are building their own engines.

They are putting a lot of energy into their design.

They have invested in new research and development, and they have hired more engineers. 

And they have created a new team that is focused on the future. 

 They’re still doing the same things that they were doing in the past, Diess says. 

Still, he says, “we are still focused on our core competencies.

We are focused on being the most comfortable and comfortable for our customers.” 

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