Google’s self-driving car has more than 1,000 crashes, according to US crash report

Google’s semi-autonomous vehicle has more fatal crashes than any other car in the US, according a report from, an online safety and accident database.

Google’s semi vehicle, the Google Semi, has more crashes than other semi vehicles, according the crash report released by the US Department of Transportation.

Google’s semis are fitted with cameras that capture the driver’s face and the driver can choose to remain anonymous.

Google says its self-controlled semi vehicles were designed with safety in mind, but the report also suggests the cars have not been as well tested as their conventional counterparts.

“The report suggests that Google’s vehicles have more fatal accidents than any vehicle tested in the United States,” wrote.

“The report also found that the vehicles are much more likely to crash than their conventional peers.”

In all, the report found that at least 9,300 crashes and 6,000 fatalities have been recorded for the Google semis, as compared to 2,300 for the average semi and 1,400 for the typical car.

“Google has been using semi-cars for autonomous driving since September 2016, with its first test in Austin in May this year.

Google said it was still “very much in the exploratory phase” and that it had “not yet found the right mix of features and software”.’s report found the semi-vehicles were not designed to handle collisions with other vehicles, so the report does not indicate how many fatal accidents are caused by the semi vehicles.

The report was based on crash data from US safety regulators.

It says that since 2016, the number of fatal crashes in self-control self-parking tests by semi vehicles have increased by 7%, with some of those deaths resulting from a crash with a vehicle not wearing a seatbelt.