Fluids and other fluids used in hydraulic fracturing

A major new study by the Environmental Protection Agency has found that hydraulic fracturing fluids used by the oil and gas industry may be contaminating the air and water.

The study, by the EPA’s Center for Water Quality, found that the chemicals in the fracking fluids are likely to be more toxic than those found in the water that the company uses to treat wastewater.EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said the finding is troubling and she wants to work with the industry to figure out how to avoid contamination.

The agency has issued a temporary ban on the use of the fracking fluid for fracking.

But the agency has said that the temporary ban does not cover all the fluids that are being used.

The EPA says that because of the temporary bans, it cannot require the oil industry to limit use of its fracking fluid to water treatment or wastewater treatment facilities.

The EPA is asking the companies to limit the amount of fracking fluid used in wastewater treatment and treatment plants.

Environmentalists and industry groups have criticized the EPA and the Department of Justice for not doing enough to protect the public from the chemicals found in fracking fluids.

The oil and natural gas industry has spent millions of dollars to counter the EPA findings.

They have also worked to have the ban on fracking overturned.