How to get an easy ride in a car seat

The next time you’re in a rush, try to avoid driving in one at all costs.

According to new research, the same logic applies to the most common car seat for older adults. 

The new study was conducted by the University of Arizona, which found that for those ages 60 and older, the most important factor in maintaining a safe driving position is how well they can support themselves while seated in the seat. 

The researchers, who were able to track the seat’s effects on drivers’ body position, found that the most comfortable position for the elderly was in the back. 

“It is important to note that this study does not imply that all car seats are safe for driving, but the findings clearly show that the safest seat for a 70-year-old person is in the rear, which makes it more likely that they will experience a crash in the event of a crash,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Jonathan Eakin, said in a press release.

“It also makes sense to suggest that those in the 90-year old category should not sit in a back seat because they are less likely to have a crash.”

Researchers also found that drivers who were seated in a forward-facing seat, in which the seat was tilted forward to allow the driver to see over the vehicle, were significantly less likely than those seated in an upright position to experience a fatality.

“Our results provide a compelling case that the seat is a major factor in a driver’s likelihood of being injured in a crash, and therefore, it is important that drivers consider the safety of their seat in determining their decision to drive in it,” Dr. Eakin said.

“This research also highlights the importance of seatbelts, which are often used in vehicles for elderly drivers who are more prone to crash injuries.”

There are many other safety features that make a vehicle safer for older drivers, but we need to look at these factors, too, and encourage drivers to consider their safety before they ride in their vehicles,” he added.

The study was published in the American Journal of Public Health.