Airbus A380 is set to return to service after all the repairs

Airbus is to return its long-delayed A380-800 to service.

The plane will be the first in the new A380 fleet to return from a year of repairs and will be in service by March 2019.

The A380, the world’s most expensive passenger aircraft, will be back in service for the first time in two years.

Airbus said on Thursday that all the airframes were “satisfied” and were “ready to fly again”.

The company has spent years rebuilding the A380s engine and cabin systems to keep them up to date, and has been working on a new software upgrade to the A330s systems.

The Airbus team is still working out the best way to bring the A350 back to service, with plans to start flights in late 2019 or early 2020.

The plane, the A400M, is currently the world number one passenger jet in terms of revenue.

The company has been struggling to recoup some of the cost of the project, and it is estimated that it will cost at least €1.5bn to bring back to the market.

The aircraft is currently being built by French engineering firm Thales Alenia Space and will arrive in service in 2020.