How to build a mechanical keyboard keycap set

Posted October 08, 2018 03:33:22 If you’re looking to build your own keyboard and want to make sure you’re doing it right, this post is for you.

Mechanical keyboards are a lot of fun to design and build, but building one is even better if you’re an engineer.

Mechanical keycap sets are designed to be interchangeable with standard mechanical keyboards.

The design is made from a series of keycap screws, and they can be soldered on to your keycap for extra strength.

A keycap screw is basically a tiny little piece of metal that goes into the keycap slot, attaches it to the circuit board, and is then attached to a screwdriver.

You can see this part in action in this video: The screws are then connected to the keycaps, which are then pressed into place by a spring to create the shape of the key.

When you screw the key onto the circuit boards, it’s actually a pretty simple thing to do.

It takes a few screws to attach a keycap to the keyboard, so make sure to buy them individually.

If you buy a set of keys, make sure they’re made from solid steel, or you’ll have to use a bit of heat shrink.

If your keys are too small, you can make your own custom keycaps with a soldering iron.

A few of the different types of keycaps on sale are available to buy online, and some are available in specialty colors.

To make your keys, you’ll want to cut the screw into the appropriate size.

Here are a few different ways to cut a screw: 1.

Use a saw to cut into the screwhole.

If it’s too long to fit into the circuit, use a file or an angle grinder to make it smaller.

For a larger screw, you may need to cut an even larger hole.


Cut the screw with a sharp knife.

You want to avoid sharp edges, so avoid using a razor blade.

It can be annoying to sharpen a knife if you don’t want to accidentally cut yourself.


Use an awl or other sharp object to carefully remove the screw.


Solder the key to the board with a heat gun.


Solders the key on top of the circuit with another heat gun, making sure to solder on the side that you want the keyplate to go in.

For more info, read How to Build a Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Set.


Sold the key in the proper order, making a long line for the top of your circuit.


Sold in the center of the board, so that the screw goes down the center.

The soldering will hold it in place, so you won’t need to use the soldering gun.


Sold it into place.


Soldering the top half of the PCB to the other side.


Sold on the bottom of the top PCB.

You’ll notice that the PCB isn’t the same height as the PCB.

This is because you’re soldering two parts together.

There are two ways to solder: one method uses a hot-air gun, which is kind of a heat-generating method, but you can also use a solder.

I personally prefer using a solderer, because the hot-water gun is more forgiving.

You’re going to want to solder the PCB together, which requires a lot more solder.

You might need to put a lot into the hot air gun to get the circuit to come together.

You should solder a couple of extra small pieces, and you’ll be good to go.

You need to be very careful not to make a small dent in the circuit.

If the soldered area touches the surface, you won (or won’t) be able to solder again.

You could use the solder on that dent, or use a drill and drill bits to get a smaller hole.

You won’t have to do this again unless you completely replace the circuit and you try to make another one.

You probably want to have a few extra soldering tips for this step, so read up on them here.