Electric keyboard with custom mechanical keypad

The electro mechanical keyboard has become an indispensable part of the daily routine for many people, and it is even becoming a part of our daily routine.

The keyboard uses a combination of electromechanical keys, which are activated by the use of a button or button-press, and a custom-designed tactile keypad, which allows users to type, navigate and interact with their computer, according to the company that makes it.

The keypad is designed for use by individuals with disabilities and people with visual impairments.

They also have the option of using a wired version, which can be more difficult to read.

In addition to typing, the keyboard has the ability to perform functions such as creating or editing text and creating a file, according the company.

The keyboard can be set to auto-correct, but users can also customize the way it works, such as adding shortcuts for certain functions, such a scrolling or a home-tabbing button, to make the keyboard more accessible.

The company said it plans to offer a version of the keyboard that can also be connected to a phone, but it hasn’t said when that would be available.