Google’s ‘smart car’ is a ‘smart’ machine

Mechanical design engineer Chris Cuthbert shows off a new “smart car” built with artificial intelligence (AI) and built with a variety of sensors that can monitor the car’s surroundings, and even help with driving.

Cuthborit’s project, called the ‘SmartCar’, is based on the Google Glass wearable computer system that Google announced earlier this year.

Cuzit’s ‘Smart’Car is a new vehicle, and the software is based off Google Glass technology.

This is a video from a Google Glass event.

It uses sensors to detect if the car is moving.

In the video, the car can also tell if the driver is asleep.

The ‘Smart Car’ uses an artificial intelligence to determine if it is safe to drive.

It can also provide alerts to the driver if they are not moving properly.

Cizitz explains that the car has a range of sensors and other sensors that will provide real-time data about the vehicle and the surroundings.

If the car senses a car is coming, it will send an alarm to the phone, so the driver can respond and get back on the road.

Czitz said that the system can sense the car and make sure it is moving safely.

CZitz said Google has already built a version of the ‘smart vehicle’ with artificial learning and sensors.

Google has said that a version that is “more intelligent and autonomous” will be ready to go within six months.

Google said that it will be building more “smart cars” that are “more accurate and more safe.”