When Amazon buys Mechanical Keyboard amazon

Amazon has bought Mechanical Keyboard, an online keyboard manufacturer based in San Francisco.

The move makes Mechanical Keyboard the third company Amazon has acquired in the past year.

Last year, it acquired Amazon’s Mechanical Keyboard online retail business.

Amazon is not the only major retailer with an online retail presence.

Walmart is also buying a small hardware company to expand its online presence, and Kohl’s is also expanding its online operations.

Read moreTechnology companies have a long history of acquiring companies to expand their reach into online retail.

Amazon recently purchased online retailer Humble Bundle, which had a $600 million valuation.

And Google acquired online gaming retailer GameFly for $300 million.

But Amazon’s move into hardware is a bit more ambitious.

The online retailer is working with a number of companies to produce a quiet mechanical keyboard that can be plugged into a computer and controlled with voice commands.

Mechanical Keyboard CEO and founder, James McWilliams, told The Wall St Journal that the quiet keyboard is designed to be used in environments where there is no direct access to a keyboard, such as homes or offices.

“When you’re out and about, you’re not interacting with keyboards,” McWilliams said.

“It’s a completely silent keyboard.”

Amazon has not yet announced pricing or release dates for the quiet mechanical keyboards.

The quiet mechanical keysets will cost $99.99 each, according to Amazon’s announcement.

Amazon has also made it clear that the silent keyboards will not have voice commands, which McWilliams says are used by “thousands of people” every day.

The Quiet Mechanical Keyboard will also be available for preorder.

Amazon will begin shipping the quiet keysets this month, with shipping expected to begin in December.

Amazon has previously announced it plans to release the Quiet Mechanical Keyboards as early as December.