A mechanical bull rental company in California that helps to clear out bull ranches is looking to add new locations in the Bay Area

A mechanical reaper company in the San Francisco Bay Area is looking at adding new locations to the Bay area.

In addition to bullranches, the company said it would be interested in adding a large number of rental properties.

The company’s new headquarters will be located at 2117 West Portal in San Francisco, according to the company’s website.

The move would bring the company to about 10 locations in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland.

The new office location would include “a small office space for office use and a smaller office space with two-way audio and video communication,” according to its website.

In a letter to local residents, the office is looking for “people with a desire to build a sustainable future for the community” and for a variety of technical, financial and other skills.

In the letter, the firm said it wants to “help improve the lives of our community by leveraging our resources and expertise in real estate to help our tenants achieve their goals and achieve their dreams.”

It also says it will be “looking for a great location that will provide us with a convenient, high-quality building that is able to accommodate our workforce.”

The company has been working on the project since 2015.

Its current location is in San Mateo County, but it plans to expand to a larger office space in Berkeley, Berkeley County and Oakland, according the letter.

The letter also says the company is looking forward to the opportunity to serve a large local community.

The Bay Area has long been known as a bullranch destination, but in recent years bull rangers and officials have started to target the area, as they believe bull owners are over-pumping the animals to boost the market.

According to a 2017 San Francisco Chronicle report, San Jose rangers say bull owners have been dumping up to 500 pounds of bull into their backyard each day.

The report said bulls are being dumped at about 10 to 15 different locations in one day, and the owners are selling them on the black market for as much as $400,000.

“Bulls are getting hammered in this city, and we have no choice but to try and make sure they don’t get crushed by the city’s new bull regulations,” said Joe Varela, a city councilman who represents San Jose and is running for mayor in 2018.