How to get a car mechanic job at $50 per hour

The average car mechanic salary in the United States is $50,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But, there’s a new tech company that is raising money to put in a car maintenance robot.

The automaker, Tesla, says its new automated garage service is the world’s cheapest car maintenance tool.

It has a 3,000-square-foot facility in Palo Alto, California.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the new automated tool will provide the same level of customer service and expertise to car mechanics as existing automated tools do.

Tesla has been expanding its robotic garage to cover other car parts, too.

It’s also developing a robot that can repair the tires of an SUV.

The car parts giant says its garage robots can repair most vehicle components in a matter of minutes, and will even repair tires and brake pads.

Tesla has partnered with the University of Texas at Austin to provide robot maintenance and repair training.

The company says the robots are fully autonomous, which means the company can adjust the size of the vehicle’s garage in the middle of the night.

Tesla says its automated garage is designed to be self-driving, and can drive autonomously without a human being in the vehicle.

Tesla says the robot is designed with the same precision as human drivers.

The company says its robots are also equipped with advanced diagnostics and data collection tools.

And, the robot has been programmed to repair parts for cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

The garage robot has the ability to perform more than 30 different tasks at a time, which includes servicing the tires and brakes of vehicles, as well as repairing vehicles.

Tesla is not offering a detailed list of what each task is.

For instance, the garage robot will be able to repair a vehicle’s engine or transmission, as it’s not designed to perform any of those repairs on its own.

But it will be capable of performing those tasks if it senses that it needs to, Tesla says.

The robot can perform a range of maintenance tasks for the car, including:Oil change, water pump, tire change, brake pads, suspension, and engine cooling.

It can also perform various vehicle maintenance tasks, such as removing fog and dust from the windshield, adjusting brake pads and brake linings, or cleaning the windshield.

Tesla’s robotic garage has already been used to repair an estimated 4,000 cars, according.

It was originally launched in June.

Tesla’s garage robot is only the latest car tech startup to use technology developed by the University Of Texas at Dallas.